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In recent years, Brazil and the world have suffered from climate change. Economic and social losses, related tothe extreme climate events, are now frequent.

Environmental organizations analyze the increase of deforestation in the Amazon in 2013.

Details of the methodology, the mapping results and the next steps in this Imazon monitoring project. The Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Amazon Biome map was produced by Imazon in order to contribute towards monitoring in the region. The methodology applied simultaneously generates mapping of deforestation and forest degradation [caused by logging activity and […]

Monteiro, A., Cardoso, D., Veríssimo, A. & Souza Jr., C.

Imazon researchers will attend the 15th Conference of the parties (COP-15) to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC). See below more information on Imazon’s activities at COP-15.

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Palmieri, R.; Kataoka, S.; Lentini, M. & Veríssimo, A.