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Silva, D., Nunes, S. 2017. Evaluation and economic modeling of forest restoration in the State of Pará, eastern Brazilian Amazon  (p. 92). Belém: Imazon. As part of its contribution to the global effort to mitigate climate change, the Brazilian government has announced a goal of 12 million hectares for restoration and reforestation by 2030. The […]

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Haddad, N. M., Walker, R., Arima, E., Perz, S., & Souza Jr., C. Corridors for people, corridors for nature. Science. An article in Science by Haddad (1) points to the positive and negative impacts of building roads in developing regions. Transportation investments promote development, but they can also cause environmental degradation. We agree with Haddad that ecological […]

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In recent years, Brazil and the world have suffered from climate change. Economic and social losses, related tothe extreme climate events, are now frequent. The most obvious are thoserelated to a lack of water for agriculture, human consumption and energy generation. These shortages couldworsen in the future if Brazil continuesto tolerate, even at low rates, […]