Reducing tax evasion could help save the Amazon

Taxing underutilized land in the Amazon could conserve forests, boost productivity, and alleviate poverty, argues study. Cracking down on tax evasion and taxing unused land would help slow deforestation for land speculation in the Brazilian Amazon, argues a new report published by Imazon. The report, O potencial do Imposto Territorial Rural contra o desmatamento especulativo na

Mapping Change in the Amazon: How Satellite Images are Halting Deforestation

Headquartered in Belém, Brazil, Imazon is a non-profit organization focused on promoting sustainable development in the Amazon rainforest. In 2013, the Innovation Investment Alliance—a partnership between USAID and the Skoll Foundation, supported by Mercy Corps—invested in Imazon to support the decentralization of deforestation control and management across fifty municipalities in the state of Pará.

Raiders of the rainforest

(Reuters) Deforestation in the Amazon is rising once again as loggers and sawyers craft new ways to elude Brazil’senvironment police. Deforestation in the Amazon is rising once again as loggers and sawyers craft new ways to elude Brazil’s environment police.

Brazil data suggests spike in Amazon deforestation

(Reuters) – Preliminary data released Tuesday by Brazil’s space agency suggests Amazon deforestation spiked by more than a third during the past year, reversing a steady decline in destruction of the world’s largest rainforest. If substantiated by follow-up data typically compiled by the end of the year, the increase would confirm fears by scientists and

What Brazilians think about the ‘new’ Forest Law proposal

1. The survey set out to assess Brazilian public opinion and depth of knowledge in regard to the issues addressed in the legislative proposal known as the ‘new Forest law’ and approved by the Brazilian House of Representatives at the end of May. The questionnaire was administered by the Datafolha organisation at the request of

Saving the Amazon, from forest floor up

PARAGOMINAS, Brazil Just three years ago, the manmade fires here were so fierce smoke would blot out the Amazon sky, turning the days dark. Towering rainforest trees exploded in flames, their canopies cleared to let pasture grow for cattle.

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