Associate Researchers

Associate Researchers

Anthony Anderson.
Ph.D. in Biology (Florida University, EUA).

Christopher Barber.

Christopher Uhl.
(Pennsylvania State University, EUA).

Danielle Celentano.
Masters Student (Catie, Costa Rica).

Edson Vidal.
Agronomist Engineer (Fcap). Masters in Forestal Sciences (Esalq/USP). Doctor in Environmental Engineering Sciences (Eesc/USP).

Erin Sills.
Economist. North Carolina State University Professor (EUA).

Eugênio Arima.
Agronomist Engineer (UNB). Masters in Rural Economics (Pennsylvania State University, EUA). Ph.D. in Economics Geography and Quantitative Methods (Michigan State University, EUA).

James Grogan.
Ecologist, Ph.D. (Yale University, EUA).

Marina Londres
Masters Student (Florida University, EUA).

Mark Cochrane.
Ecologist, Ph.D. and South Dakota University Professor (EUA).

Mark Schulze.
Ph.D. in Biology (Pennsylvania State University, EUA).

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