ImazonCOP2015 - Imazon at COP-21

COP-21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference began this Monday (November 30), bringing together heads of state from around the world with the objective of putting together a new agreement between countries to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, decreasing global warming and thus limiting the increase in global temperature to 2ºC by 2100.

COP-21 is being held in Paris until December 11 and the Institute of People and the Environment of the Amazon (Imazon) is participating in the program of side events.

Amazon states’ leadership on reducing deforestation and low-carbon rural development

Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), Amazon Institute for People and Nature (IMAZON), Center for Life Institute (ICV), Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Tuesday, December 8th, 16:45 – 18:15, La Bourget, Room 5 (subject to change)

Amazon states and Brazil have achieved global climate leadership through reducing Amazon deforestation some 80% since 2005, reducing over 3 billion t/CO₂ of emissions.  But consolidating these gains and achieving further ambitious targets such as those Pará and Mato Grosso have formulated requires new policies and incentives to engage the private sector and local communities in a low carbon development strategy.

State governments, civil society and private sector perspectives on reducing deforestation and low carbon rural development.

Steve Schwartzman, Senior Director, Tropical Forest Program, Environmental Defense Fund: Mato Grosso, Pará and Amazon states – global leadership on emissions reductions and emissions profiles (16:45 – 16:48)

Governor of Pará Simão Jatene: Pará’s low carbon rural development strategy – 2020 deforestation reduction target, Green Municipalities Program, Sustainable Value Chains (16:48 – 17:03)

Governor of Mato Grosso Pedro Taques:  Mato Grosso’s low-carbon rural development strategy – multi-sectoral “Production, Conservation and Inclusion” strategy (17:04 – 17:19)

Laurent Micol, Executive Director, Center for Life Institute (ICV), Sylvain Goupille, Althelia Climate Fund – Novo Campo sustainable cattle ranching project, Mato Grosso – (17:20 – 17:30)

Brenda Brito, Associate Researcher, Amazon Institute of People and the Environment (IMAZON) – Soy moratorium, Beef Agreement (TAC) and deforestation in Pará (17:30 – 17:40)

André Guimarães, Director, Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) – Implementation of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) and commodity supply chains in Mato Grosso and Pará (17:40 – 17:50)

Marina Silva – former Environment Minister of Brazil   – Ending Deforestation in the Amazon: Federal government, states, companies and civil society (17:50- 18;00)

Ken Alex, Senior Advisor to Governor Jerry Brown, California  —   California’s Carbon Market, the Amazon and Deforestation (18:00-18:10)


Presentation of the MapBiomas Platform
A recently launched initiative that allows the production of maps and annual reports on land conver and use in Brazil using an open and collaborative platform. Learn more here.

Participation: Carlos Souza (Senior Researcher at Imazon)

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