A research published by Imazon has been used in the Global Witness report “Money to burn: how iconic bank and investors fund the destruction of the world’s largest rainforests”. The report by Global Witness reveals how the major names of global funding are allowing the destruction of three larger forests climate of the world.

Imazon’s research found that one of the world’s largest beef producer slaughterhouses could be buying cattle from deforestation-risk areas covering over 1.3 million hectares, including properties embargoed by Ibama for illegal deforestation and places deforested between 2010 and 2015. Furthermore, the Imazon report claimed half the company’s cattle purchases come from ‘indirect suppliers’, where animals pass through numerous ranches before slaughter.

Click here to read the complete report in Global Witness.

Click here to read the research “Will meat-packing plants help halt deforestation in the Amazon?” by Imazon.

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