#ImazonInTheMedia: Tara O’Shea, Rebecca Moore and Carlos Souza on NextGenMap and forest monitoring (GreenBiz)

On a panel moderated by Tara O’Shea (Planet), Rebecca Moore (Google) and Carlos Souza, Imazon’s researcher, converse about NextGenMap’s ability to revolutionize our abilities to monitor forests. Historically, monitoring forests and land-use change has involved a compromise between the resolution and frequency of available satellite images and limited computing capacity for analysis. Recent developments in

Arresting Tropical Deforestation: Complementary Approaches in the Amazon

  Arresting Tropical Deforestation: Complementary Approaches in the Amazon   In addition to moving from an economy powered predominantly by fossil fuels to one powered by clean energy, an important piece of the climate change mitigation puzzle is arresting deforestation. Some estimates put the total contribution to climate mitigation of stopping deforestation and continuing reforestation as

Duke University share report about Imazon’s innovation

    The Scaling Pathways case studies series will include the Scaling Pathways paper, exploring the cross cutting lessons learned and trends we have found studying the social enterprises and their pathways to scale. Check Imazon’s case at https://scalingpathways.globalinnovationexchange.org/innovations/imazon-open-source-data-and-partnerships-save-amazon  

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