#ImazonInTheMedia: Brazil’s Amazon: Surge in deforestation as military prepares to deploy

Brazil’s National Institute of Space Research (Inpe) said that more than 405 sq km (156 sq miles) of the Amazon had been deforested last month compared with 248 sq km in April last year. Between January and April, a total of 1,202 sq km was wiped out, it said. Conservation groups said that, since the

#ImazonInTheMedia: Amazon Burning: Death and Destruction in Brazil’s Rainforest (Al Jazeera)

Brazil has seen a dramatic increase in the number of fires in the Amazon with more than 80,000 fires so far this year alone. New data recently released by the government shows that deforestation is at the highest point in a decade, with an area 10 times the size of New York City deforested since the

#ImazonInTheMedia: Study: Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon jumped by 80 pct. in September (EFE)

The EFE Agency posted news release about Imazon’s Deforestation Warning System. According to Imazon, Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon region increased by 80 percent in September compared to the same month last year. 802 square kilometers (308 square miles) of forest was lost in the zone. The largest portion of the deforestation (48 percent of the

#ImazonInTheMedia: Tara O’Shea, Rebecca Moore and Carlos Souza on NextGenMap and forest monitoring (GreenBiz)

On a panel moderated by Tara O’Shea (Planet), Rebecca Moore (Google) and Carlos Souza, Imazon’s researcher, converse about NextGenMap’s ability to revolutionize our abilities to monitor forests. Historically, monitoring forests and land-use change has involved a compromise between the resolution and frequency of available satellite images and limited computing capacity for analysis. Recent developments in

#ImazonInTheMedia: Indigenous and riverine communities unite to fight Amazon invaders (Mongabay)

Image by Matheus Manfredini The Brazilian Amazon basin, now under the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro, is increasingly a place of conflict, as loggers and land grabbers — many inspired by the government’s incendiary rhetoric — step up their invasions of indigenous and traditional lands. One example can be found along the Mamuru River in

#ImazonInTheMedia: When it comes to analyzing earth’s environment, spacing out is a good idea (Greenbiz)

Image: Shutterstock Time lapse photography was first used in the 1870s to illustrate a sequence of events difficult for the human eye to discern — famously to document the gait of a galloping horse. Several generations later, climate activists are harnessing the same principles — endowed by satellite imagery, powerful cloud computing resources and artificial

Money to burn: how iconic bank and investors fund the destruction of the world’s largest rainforests (Global Witness)

A research published by Imazon has been used in the Global Witness report “Money to burn: how iconic bank and investors fund the destruction of the world’s largest rainforests”. The report by Global Witness reveals how the major names of global funding are allowing the destruction of three larger forests climate of the world. Imazon’s

After the Amazon Fires, What’s Next for Stopping Deforestation? (Skoll Foundation)

More than 26,000 fires have raged throughout Brazilian Amazon this month alone—the fastest rate of destruction since record keeping began. President Jair Bolsonaro campaigned with a promise to open the Amazon to development and eight months into his term, having withdrawn enforcement of protective laws, deforestation is sharply on the rise. As the fires continue

Arresting Tropical Deforestation: Complementary Approaches in the Amazon

  Arresting Tropical Deforestation: Complementary Approaches in the Amazon   In addition to moving from an economy powered predominantly by fossil fuels to one powered by clean energy, an important piece of the climate change mitigation puzzle is arresting deforestation. Some estimates put the total contribution to climate mitigation of stopping deforestation and continuing reforestation as

Brazilian environmentalists urge the Congress to reject Amazon deforestation new bill

A group of environmental organizations released a joint technical note about the impacts of the new proposal that aims to reduce protection of the Jamanxim National Forest. The measure will benefit land grabbers and may double deforestation in the region.   Only a few weeks after signing the veto to the proposal (Provisional Measure –

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