#ImazonInTheMedia: Brazil’s Amazon Is Under Threat from Proposed Land-Use Laws (Americas Quarterly)

In an article for Americas Quarterly magazine, Brenda Brito, associate researcher at Imazon, talked about the threat from two proposed land-use laws that could worsen an already vicious cycle of illegal land invasion in the Brazilian Amazon. “If passed, they would ease criteria for privatizing public lands that have been illegally deforested, granting, in other words, legal

#ImazonInTheMedia: Tara O’Shea, Rebecca Moore and Carlos Souza on NextGenMap and forest monitoring (GreenBiz)

On a panel moderated by Tara O’Shea (Planet), Rebecca Moore (Google) and Carlos Souza, Imazon’s researcher, converse about NextGenMap’s ability to revolutionize our abilities to monitor forests. Historically, monitoring forests and land-use change has involved a compromise between the resolution and frequency of available satellite images and limited computing capacity for analysis. Recent developments in

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