Who we are

Imazon (Amazon Institute of People and the Environment) is a Brazilian research institution whose mission is to promote conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon. We are an organization dedicated to research and propose solutions to the problems of using and conserving the natural resources of the Amazon.

In its 31 years of existence, Imazon has published approximately 700 technical works as articles in international scientific journals, as well as more than 100 books and booklets that serve as support for decision making by the government, the private sector and civil society.

What we do


All our research and monitoring expertise about Amazon places us in a position of global leadership in data and technologies that serve as a reference for many organizations around the world. Imazon works based on three pillars: scientific rigor, empirical approach and search for solutions. This methodology is so effective and consistent that served as a model for other institutions that map other biomes in Brazil and the world, and even for the creation of the Google Earth Engine platform.

Since 2008, Imazon publishes the Deforestation Bulletin (SAD), a publication that presents independent and transparent data on deforestation and degradation in Legal Amazon, using the highest technology to guide behavior changes that result in significant reductions in forests destruction in sustainable development.


We defend sustainable development models in the Amazon Region that can generate income and jobs, respecting irreplaceable natural resources. These models are taken to different local communities and also to public bodies.

Check out some of these programs: Green Municipalities, Sustainable Territories, Forever Forest, Community Environmental Agents.


Imazon respects, values and encourages the sustainable use of forest resources. Some of our projects work directly in training for sustainable agricultural practices and wealth extraction, also promoting reforestation actions, with training for environmental agents and local communities.

As part of this action, we publish the Price List of Forest Products on a weekly basis.


Amazon, Imazon supports the strengthening of environmental agencies in places  with critical deforestation. During the last 10 years, Imazon has trained 700 technicians from Municipal Secretariats who have received practical experience on the best procedures for the inspection, denunciation and notification of polluting activities.

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