Quem Somos - Who we are

Imazon is a non-profit research institution classified as a Civil Society Public Interest Organization (OSCIP), whose mission is promote sustainable development in the Amazon through studies, support for public policy formulation, broad dissemination of information and capacity building.

The institute was founded in 1990 and the head office is located in Belém, Brazil. In 24 years of operation Imazon, has published more than 648 technical papers in 200 in scientific journals. The Institute has also published 101 books, and more than 150 technical and public policy articles.

What we do

Imazon carries out four activities: applied research on problems with natural resource use, professional capacity, contribution to public policies and broad dissemination of studies.

Imazon research activities include: socioeconomic diagnosis in the Amazon; development of methods for evaluating and monitoring those uses; carrying out demonstration projects; analysis of public policies for land use; and development of sustainable development scenarios and models for those economic activities. Imazon’s work is founded on the following principles:

Interdisciplinarity. This enables a holistic and cross-cutting approach to the various themes that influence sustainability in the Amazon. The studies include social and economic, geographic, ecological, political legal and institutional analyses.

Search for solutions. The studies are directed towards finding solutions for problems with natural resource use and conservation in the Amazon.

Empirical approach. Imazon emphasizes observation and systematic collection of primary data on natural resource use and conservation in the Amazon.

Scientific method. Imazon carries out objective and unbiased analyses, based on proven scientific methods from the specialized literature.

Public policies
Imazon’s approach to its studies allows it to effectively contribute towards forming polices for land zoning and control and natural resource use. It also contributes to assessing current policies through studies of scenarios and their potential impacts. On many occasions, Imazon has been invited to be a part of technical committees, assist decision-makers in formulating public policies and prepare opinions on complex and emerging issues in the regional debate.

Dissemination of the results of Imazon studies is done through national and international indexed scientific periodicals (Science , Nature , Proceedings of the National Academy of Science , Forest Ecology and Management , Conservation Biology , Revista de Direito Ambiental , International Journal of Remote Sensing , Ciência Hoje), manual, videos, booklets, books, technical articles and summaries with recommendations for public policies. Most of these studies are available free of charge on this web page. In the news media, results of the studies are disseminated through special reports for mass circulation newspapers and magazines. Additionally, Imazon researchers participated as speakers in various scientific and policy events at a regional, national and international scale.

Professional capacity
One of the objectives at Imazon is to prepare researchers with analytical skills and field experience, directed towards understanding and solving Amazonian environmental problems. This work involves formulating a research project, collecting and analyzing data and presenting the results in scientific articles and professional meetings. More than 140 professionals have received training at Imazon in the areas of ecology, forest engineering, environmental law, rural and mineral economics, geoprocessing, rural planning and public policies. Many of these professionals hold prominent positions with other environmental organizations, the private sector and public institutions.

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