mapa sad desmat 02 2015 INGLES 300x222 - Deforestation report for the Brazilian Amazon (February 2015) SADFonseca, A., Souza Jr., C. & Veríssimo, A. 2015. Deforestation report for the Brazilian Amazon (February 2015) SAD (p. 9). Belém: Imazon.
In February 2015, more than half (59%) of the forest area of the Brazilian Amazon was covered by clouds, a coverage lower than in February 2014 (69%).  The States with the highest cloud cover were Amapá (95%), Acre (77%) and Pará (72%). During the period analyzed, and under those cloud conditions, 42 square kilometers of deforestation were detected by SAD in the Brazilian Amazon. That represents a 282% increase in relation to February 2014 when deforestation totaled 11 square kilometers.
In February 2015, deforestation was largely concentrated in Mato Grosso (37%) and Roraima (28%), with a lower occurrence in Amazonas (16%), Pará (14%) and Rondônia (5%). Deforestation accumulated during the period from August 2014 to February 2015, corresponding to the first seven months of the official calendar for measuring deforestation, reached 1,702 square kilometers. There was a 215% increase in deforestation in relation to the previous period (August 2013 to February 2014) when it reached 540 square kilometers.
Degraded forests in the Brazilian Amazon totaled 49 square kilometers in February 2015. In relation to February 2014, when forest degradation totaled 50 square kilometers there was a 2% reduction.

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