mapa sad desmat 10 2014 INGLES 300x222 - Deforestation report for the Brazilian Amazon (October 2014) SADFonseca, A., Souza Jr., C. & Veríssimo, A. 2014. Deforestation report for the Brazilian Amazon (October 2014) SAD (p. 10). Belém: Imazon.
SAD detected 244 square kilometers of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon in October 2014. That represented a 467% increase in relation to October 2013 when deforestation totaled 43 square kilometers. It was possible to monitor 72% of the forest area in the Brazilian Amazon while in October 2013 the monitoring covered a smaller area (69%) of the territory.
In October 2014, the deforestation was concentrated in Rondônia (27%), Mato Grosso (23%), followed by Pará (22%) and Amazonas (13%), with lower occurrence in Roraima (9%), Acre (5%) and Amapá (1%).
Degraded forests in the Brazilian Amazon totaled 468 square kilometers in October 2014. In relation to October 2013, when forest degradation totaled 40 square kilometers there was a 1,070% increase.

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