mapa sad desmat 09 2014 INGLES 300x222 - Deforestation report for the Brazilian Amazon (September 2014) SADFonseca, A., Souza Jr., C. & Veríssimo, A. 2014. Deforestation report for the Brazilian Amazon (September 2014) SAD (p. 10). Belém: Imazon.

SAD detected 402 square kilometers of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon in September 2014. That represented an increase of 290% in relation to September 2013 when deforestation totaled 103 square kilometers. It was possible to monitor 93% of the forest area in the Brazilian Amazon while in September 2013 monitoring covered a smaller area (79%) of the territory.
In September 2014, deforestation was concentrated in Rondônia (33%), Pará (23%), followed by Mato Grosso (18%) and Amazonas (12%), with a lower occurrence in Acre (10%), Roraima (4%) and Tocantins (1%).
Degraded forests in the Brazilian Amazon totaled 624 square kilometers in September 2014. In relation to September 2013, when forest degradation totaled 16 square kilometers, there was an increase of 3.797%.

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