amazonia legal abril 20111 - Forest Transparency for the Legal Amazon (August 2011)See here the data about the deforestation and forest degradation in the Brazilian Amazon for August 2011.
Hayashi, S., Souza Jr., C., Sales, M. & Veríssimo, A. 2011.

SAD detected 240 square kilometers of deforestation in Legal Amazon in August 2011 (first month of the new deforestation year). It represented a 15% increase regarding August 2010 when the deforestation totaled 209 square kilometers. From this total, 49% occurred in Pará, followed by Rondônia (19%), Mato Grosso (15%), Amazonas (9%), Acre (4%), Roraima (3%), and Tocantins (1%).
The degraded forests in Legal Amazon totaled 131 square kilometers in August 2011. Regarding August 2010 there was an expressive reduction (92%) when the forest degradation totaled 1.555 square kilometers. In August 2011, the degradation occurred especially in Mato Grosso (58%) and in Pará (21%).
In August 2011, the deforestation detected by SAD compromised 3.7 million tons of equivalent CO2 which represents a 9% increase regarding August 2010.
In August 2011, the cloud coverage was significantly reduced and it was possible to monitor 91% of Legal Amazon.
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