Forest Transparency for the Legal Amazon (August 2011)

Forest Transparency for the Legal Amazon (August 2011)

amazonia_legal_abril_2011See here the data about the deforestation and forest degradation in the Brazilian Amazon for August 2011.

Hayashi, S., Souza Jr., C., Sales, M. & Veríssimo, A. 2011.

SAD detected 240 square kilometers of deforestation in Legal Amazon in August 2011 (first month of the new deforestation year). It represented a 15% increase regarding August 2010 when the deforestation totaled 209 square kilometers. From this total, 49% occurred in Pará, followed by Rondônia (19%), Mato Grosso (15%), Amazonas (9%), Acre (4%), Roraima (3%), and Tocantins (1%).

The degraded forests in Legal Amazon totaled 131 square kilometers in August 2011. Regarding August 2010 there was an expressive reduction (92%) when the forest degradation totaled 1.555 square kilometers. In August 2011, the degradation occurred especially in Mato Grosso (58%) and in Pará (21%).

In August 2011, the deforestation detected by SAD compromised 3.7 million tons of equivalent CO2 which represents a 9% increase regarding August 2010.

In August 2011, the cloud coverage was significantly reduced and it was possible to monitor 91% of Legal Amazon.

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