artigocie5 1 - Priority areas for new permanent plots in the Brazilian Amazon.Valle, D.; Vidal, E.; van Eldik, T.; Silva, V. & Reis, Q. 2005.
Sustainable forest management (SFM) has being proposed as na alternative to avoid forest cover loss in the Amazon. Permanent sample plot (PSP) information is essential for SFM. The objective of this article is to determine the priority areas for new PSP in the Brazilian Amazon region. PSPs from Embrapa (Acre, Amazônia Oriental e Ocidental), UFMT, UFAM, Imazon, INPA and Precious Woods Group, participants of the Ministry of the Environment’s Inter-Institutional Working Group on Forest Monitoring in the Brazilian Amazon, were evaluated. Brazilian Amazon area was stratified according to climate, soil and vegetation type and a priority area of 700 mil km2 to be sampled was defined, including the following regions and potential partners: northwest of Mato-Grosso, west of Acre (Resex Alto Juruá and Alto Tarauacá), center of Amazonas (Resex Baixo and Médio Juruá, Rio Jutaí, Auati-Paraná, Flona Tefé, RDS Mamirauá and Amanã), southwest and northwest of Pará (Flona Altamira, Itaituba I and II) and northwest of Rondônia (Floresta Estadual Rio Vermelho). The strategic location of PSP is very important to generate reliable information which in turn is essential for a greater sustainability of forest management.

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