status of forest - Status of forest management areas in the State of ParáPereira, D., Santos, D., Veríssimo, A. & Salomão, R. 2011. Status of forest management areas in the State of Pará (N. 20) (p. 6). Belém: Imazon.
Check out the evaluation of the status of forest management areas considering the timber sector in the State of Pará.
Pará State in the Eastern Brazilian Amazon is the largest timber-producing State in Brazil, with an annual production of 6.6 million cubic meters of native round wood in 2009.
To guarantee sustainable production, the timber sector in Pará needs approximately 100 thousand square kilometers of native forests for harvesting in a cutting cycle of 30 years; or about 350 thousand hectares of forests per year. In the long term, the area of available forest for forest management is more than sufficient: around 209 thousand square kilometers.
On the other hand, in the short term (2011 a 2014), there is an insufficient supply of legally available forest areas for the timber sector. In this The State of the Amazon, we evaluate the amount of areas for forest management considering the demand of the timber sector in the short and long term. Moreover, we suggest public policies that will make the preparation, approval and execution of Forest Management Plans (PMF) more agile and transparent, with an emphasis on forest concessions and private and community forest management.
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