artigocie134 - The Governance of Forests Toolkit (Version 1): a draft framework of indicators for assessing governance of forest sectorBrito, B., Davis, C., Daviet, F., Micol, L., Nakhooda, S. & Thault, A. 2009.
This document presents the CFI Toolkit (Version 1) and outlines a process for piloting the Toolkit via civil society led assessments of forest governance in Brazil and Indonesia, which will be conducted between August 2009 and July 2010. The Toolkit consists of a conceptual framework for defining forest governance and a comprehensive set of indicators for measuring and assessing forest governance. The GFI Toolkit is unique in that it provides:
• a common definition and conceptual framework for understanding the meaning of good governance of forests across different country contexts
• a practical tool for civil society organizations to independently, systematically and comprehensively diagnose the integrity of institutions and processes that govern forests in their countries, as a basis to advocate for reform
• a set of measurable, reportable and verifiable indicators of good governance of forests.
This is a DRAFT methodology that will be revised and adjusted through the pilot assessment process.
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