Promote sustainable development in the Brazilian Amazon through studies, support for formulating public policies, broad dissemination of information and professional preparation.


The Amazon as an area where biodiversity, forest cover and their associated environmental services will be conserved and where sustainable development will be implanted so as to guarantee living conditions with dignity for all of the region’s inhabitants.


Sustainability. Solutions to problems in the use of natural resources must be based on principles of sustainability, which is the capacity of an ecosystem to maintain ecological processes and functions, biological diversity and productivity over time. That means respecting all forms of life and the cycles of natural, valuing sociocultural diversity, strengthening sustainable local economies and considering the environmental and social costs involved in productive processes, and promoting efforts for sharing benefits (sharing power in decision-making and sharing goods and services created in a sustainable manner).

Ethics. Adopt a respectful relationship with other institutions and social actors; respect intellectual rights; respect professional codes of ethics; do not discriminate based on race, creed, gender, social, religious or ideological position in internal and external relations.

Use of the Scientific Method. Imazon carries out objective and unbiased analyses based on scientific methods confirmed in the specialized literature.

Excellence in Quality. Imazon products undergo a rigorous process of internal quality and review by external peers. That reinforces the Institute’s credibility and respect.

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