A warning: human activity causing the Amazon’s waters to dry up

Studies conducted by WWF-Brazil in partnership with Imazon and NASA reveal that the conversion of native vegetation and indiscriminate construction of infrastructure are affecting the water resources of the planet’s largest tropical forest By WWF-Brazil Using information from NASA Photo: Márcio Nagano When thinking about the Amazon, the first thing that usually comes to mind

Understanding the Imazon monitoring system

What is SAD? The Deforestation Alert System is a tool for monitoring the Amazon based on satellite images, developed by Imazon in 2008, to provide monthly reports on the rate of deforestation and forest degradation in the region. Deforestation consists of total conversion of the soil for another land cover and use, while degradation is

Arresting Tropical Deforestation: Complementary Approaches in the Amazon

  Arresting Tropical Deforestation: Complementary Approaches in the Amazon   In addition to moving from an economy powered predominantly by fossil fuels to one powered by clean energy, an important piece of the climate change mitigation puzzle is arresting deforestation. Some estimates put the total contribution to climate mitigation of stopping deforestation and continuing reforestation as

Help Brazil Preserve the Amazon

By Beto Veríssimo and Paulo Barreto The next U.S. president could help prevent further deforestation by building on past collaboration with Brazil.   In the new issue of Americas Quarterly, we asked people, “What would you tell the next U.S. president about Latin America?” To see other authors’ responses, click here.     Dear Mister / Madam President, Last June,

Reseacher Paulo Barreto participates in panel at the annual World Bank Land and Poverty Conference

Session: Shifting towards Sustainable Production systems for Beef and Oil Palm Thursday, 17/Mar/2016   1:00pm – 2:30pm (Local time) Main Achievements and Challenges faced by Public and Private Actors towards Sustainability (Paulo Barreto – Imazon)   Background Private sector actors are making significant efforts to green their supply chains, while at the same time ensuring they

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