transparencia florestal1 - Forest Transparency for the Legal Amazon (November 2010)Hayashi, S., Souza Jr, C., Sales, M. & Veríssimo, A.

In November 2010, SAD detected 65 square kilometers of deforestation in the Legal Amazon. This represented a reduction of 13% in relation to November 2009 when the deforestation totaled 75 square kilometers.
The accumulated deforestation between August 2010 and November 2010 totaled 598 square kilometers. In comparison to the previous period (August 2009 to November 2009) when the deforestation totaled 757 square kilometers, there was a reduction of 21%.
In November 2010, the states with greater deforested area was Mato Grosso (38%) followed by Pará (29%) and Rondônia (20%). The remaining deforestation occurred in Roraima (5%), Amazonas (5%) and Acre (3%).
The degraded forests in the Legal Amazon totaled 188 square kilometers in November 2010. Compared to November 2009, when the degradation totaled 29 square kilometers, there was a highly significant increase of 548%. Majority (51%) of the forest degradation occurred in Pará followed by Mato Grosso (39%).
The accumulated forest degradation between August 2010 and November 2010 totaled 2,805 square kilometers. This represented a significant increase (256%) compared to the previous period (August 2009 to November 2009) when the forest degradation totaled 789 square kilometers.
In November 2010, the deforestation detected by SAD affected 4 million tons of CO2 equivalent, which represents a decrease of 21% in relation to November 2009. In the accumulated value during the period (August – November 2010) the deforestation affected 36 million tons of CO2 equivalent. This represents a reduction of 23% in relation to the previous period (August 2009 to November 2009) when forest carbon affected by deforestation was about 47 million tons of C02 equivalent.
Through SAD it was only possible to monitor 30% of the forest area of the Legal Amazon in November 2010. The remaining 70% were covered by clouds, which made monitoring of the region difficult, especially in Amapá, Rondônia, Pará e Mato Grosso that had more than 70% of the forest area covered by clouds. Based on this, the deforestation and degradation data for November may be underestimated.
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