Environmental Compesation

Land tenure issues and lack of human resources are impediments to Conservation Unities consolidation in the Amazon. Pinto, I. C., Vedoveto, M., & Veríssimo, A. 2013. Environmental Compesation: An Opportunity for Consolidating Conservation Units in Para (p. 53). Belém: Imazon.

Challenges for the Environmental Crimes Law in Pará.

Brito, B. & Barreto, P. 2005. The application of the Environmental Crimes Law has not been effective for the protection of the Amazonian forests. The reasons include the lack of integration between the institutions responsible for punishments and the application of penalties unrelated to environmental damage, weakening the fight against the illegal logging of forests

Deforestation Report (SAD) April 2013

Check the data on deforestation and forest degradation in the Amazon in april 2013 Martins, H., Fonseca, A., Souza Jr., C., Sales, M., & Veríssimo, A. 2013. Forest Transparency for the Brazilian Amazon (April 2013) (p. 12). Belém.

Critical Proteced Areas in the Brazilian Amazon

Martins, H., Vedoveto, M., Araújo, E., Barreto, P., Baima, S., Souza Jr., C., & Veríssimo, A. 2012. Critical Proteced Areas in the Brazilian Amazon (p. 98). Belém: Imazon. Find the PAs in the Brazilian Amazon in most critical situation with regard to deforestation and initiatives to reduce their size or protection status. Protected Areas (PAs)1

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