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About us

Help Imazon to promote conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon. Give! Important: Imazon receives donations only through the link above and the Rainforest Alliance campaign. No brand or person is authorized to collect donations in the name of Imazon. If there are any doubts, please contact us via and-mail at [email protected] Imazon (Institute of

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Summary The meat-packing plants that purchase cattle in the Amazon have been pressured by environmental campaigns and lawsuits to fight the deforestation practiced by ranchers. The pressure to eliminate deforestation, legal or illegal, is growing, since this is the most polluting activity in the country if we consider gases emitted by burning forests that contribute

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About Forest Transparency

The objective of this project is to contribute towards reducing illegal deforestation in the Amazon through independent monitoring of deforestation (mainly using SAD), to broadly disseminate the results to key actors and to use this information to guide actions for assigning legal responsibility to lawbreakers. SAD is a system capable of generating deforestation and statistical

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